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It took three years for Masse to bring together specialists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists and Chairman Hsieh’s 30+ years of production expertise. In 2015, Masse developed the first whole body vibration (WBV) chair with both horizontal and vertical vibrations – the M1 Vita, an invention that won the “Taiwan Excellence Award” and the “Golden Pin Design Award” … among many others.
This product underwent numerous medical studies to prove its benefits to the human body, such as
• Exercise even when sitting or lying down
• Helps reduce blood flow rate and improve arterial compliance
• 3-in-1 functions of cardiovascular massage, sleep relief, internal circulation

One-button to exercise |
Comfort and peace of mind anytime, anywhere

Effective elevation of arterial flow |
Clinical trials have shown that whole body vibrations are effective in enhancing arterial dilation.

Prevent chronic diseases and Three Highs (Hypertension, High blood cholesterol, High blood sugar) |
15 minutes a day to relax blood vessels and promote blood circulation.

Good cellular oxygenation for healthy heart |
Exercise and stress relief to strengthen the cardiopulmonary function, and train heart rate.

Paired with music to calm the mind |
With the music rhythm, stabilize the nerves, reduce stress, improve sleep quality and strengthen the immune system.

Exercise even when sitting and lying down

Through the “passive exercise” method, achieve effective stimulation of the whole body muscles for exercise effect even when not sweating. Expert experiments have confirmed that continuous use of the Masse WBV chair for 60 minutes can burn 166 calories. This means 83 calories are burned in 30 minutes of use, which is equivalent to playing badminton for 16 minutes or walking slowly for 20 minutes.


Helps reduce blood flow rate and improve arterial compliance

Research has indicated that the use of Masse’s WBV chair whole body cycle (Accelerated Kinetic Mode) can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, the heart’s systolic and diastolic pressure, the average arterial pressure, and pulse pressure, and can increase vascular compliance. Overall, the Masse WBV chair can relax blood vessels, lower blood pressure and promote cardiovascular health.

3-in-1 – Cardiovascular massage, sleep relief, internal circulation

Using the Masse whole body vibration chair can reduce the blood flow rate and improve the arterial compliance after vibration; the intervention of music during vibration can reduce the diastolic blood pressure, mean blood pressure and heart rate 30 minutes after vibration. After vibration, the sympathetic nervous system activity decreases and parasympathetic nervous system activity increases, which may result in a decrease in blood pressure and heart rate, and an increase in arterial dilation and resilience.

The whole body vibration chair (WBV chair) is like an evolution of the massage chair; not only can WBV chairs relieve external muscle pain, they also achieve “body vitality massage from the inside out” through cardiovascular massage. Our exclusive music resonance technology helps activate the parasympathetic nerves, relaxing the body and brain, which helps improve the quality of sleep.

WBV chair – source info: Industry-academia cooperation with the Department of Athletic Sports, National Chung Cheng University
Exercise calorie consumption source info: Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare



Upgraded WBV equipment for exercise at home!

Masse aims to be the “leading brand in whole body vibration.” Since the launch of the first WBV chair in 2015, Masse has been constantly improving and developing, and it now offers three WBV chairs on the market for different user groups.

In 2021, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Taiwanese people have changed their exercise habits. Masse launched all-new WBV fitness equipment, so that “passive exercise” can be combined with “autonomous exercise” to bring people a more convenient whole body vibration lifestyle at home!