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Design – Design Award

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) technology achieves more efficient muscle building and fat burning, and it provides the enjoyment of light exercise anytime, anywhere

2018 – The 26th Taiwan Excellence Award – M1 Vita Chair

2017 – The 24th SMEs Innovation Award – M1 Vita Chair

2016 – Taipei International Invention Show – Silver Award

2015 – Launch of the world’s first WBV chair that offers passive exercise

    Developed the world’s first horizontal + vertical function WBV chair

2010 – ME-9502 La Inspra All-in-One Smart Massage Chair won the Golden Pin Design Award

2004 – Received the 11th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs



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Design awards

Safety – Certification

Established in 1981, its 41+ massage and relaxation products have healed the bodies and minds of countless people.

Kuang Yu Metal Working is one of the top three global professional massage chair manufacturers from Taiwan.

One out of every six massage chairs sold in the Southeast Asian market is made by Kuang Yu Metal.

2017 – M1/M1 Plus Vita Chair obtained multiple patents around the world.

2010 – Received ISO-13485 quality management system certification for medical devices

2003 – Received the 6th Rising Star Award from the Ministry of Economic Affairs

2003 – Passed ISO-9001:2000 international quality certifications

2000 – Passed European CE safety inspection, laying the foundation for international expansion

1998 – Passed and received safety certification from TUV of Germany as well as SGS and CE of Taiwan